My unit was sold for one of the highest prices ever..

In short, Wendy is highly professional, genuine, detail-oriented, results-driven realtor who shows a great deal of empathy and compassion during the sale of one’s home. I first approached Wendy in Fall of 2016 to sell my condo of 18 years. She laid out the process and the goal of when we would sale for the fastest response rate. I needed to make several updates to my condo, and since I was out of state, Wendy facilitated that process as well. No sooner had I started the process, it seemed like my condo was on the market! I received numerous showings within the first several weeks. My unit was sold for one of the highest prices ever for its particular model. Even though I updated I spent money on the updates, I made that money back in spades. I also had a very tight timeline in which to sell, but was able to close in less than 2 months. Wendy is now working with my parents to help them with a seamless transition. I highly recommend Wendy!